Band Wagon

Growing up I use to babysit a whole lot. I loved kids (still do) and babysitting was  almost always so much fun. Not only did I get to hang out with lots of wonderful kids but there was also additional perks. Cable t.v. to watch once the kiddos were in bed, great & easy money, and of course food! I loved getting to be there during meal times and eat new foods myself; but there were always those certain families I dreaded finding food at and soon would just bring my own. These families were the “all-natural” ones. The ones who had all these organic labels that made me  cringe.  As a teenager my thoughts on organic were this, ” Why do people waste money paying so much more for things already healthy? Yogurt, carrots, etc. all this stuff is already healthy I don’t need organic”. Yes I thought I was the one with common sense and obviously I was complety ignorant of the organic understanding (like teenagers are of oh so many things:-) .

Then I got older and this organic thing seem to be growing in popularity. My ignorance became slightly enlightened but I still didn’t really know what organic meant. Now my thoughts of organic were more of ” Oh this is such a bandwagon, we’ve all been eating this other food for years what’s the big deal”.

Fast-forward another few years. I’m married…and…. I have a kid. SMACK. Just like that I was suddenly intrigued but this organic, all-natural craze because of motherly instincts. I started thinking more about what I was giving Elijah,reading about organic and thinking about the rampancy of the cancer and other diseases.Thus the research began and slowly I’m becoming one of those moms. Right now I’m in the learning process of understanding the organic language…or jibberish(hence the blog title). Budgets, especially ours, often constricts families from buying everything organic so I am becoming aware of label reading and finding out the list of “no-no’s” as I like to call it. Basically those food items that are the worst to have non-organic.  It’s going to take a while and by no means am I am scowling at those who don’t do organic(for whatever reason). This is just how I got here.

So here I am a passenger on the Band-wagon.

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